Musica da cucina since 2007 travels around the world enchanting people with sounds from the kitchen, accompanied by guitar, clarinet, voice and accordion. Born as a house experiment, the project grew up more and more and played in hundreds of theatre, festival, house, restaurant, canteen, school, gallery and veggie garden concerts around the word.
The project started by an idea of Fabio Bonelli (from italian Alps) with the aim of translating into  music and evoking through sounds the atmosphere, the warmth and the intimacy of the kitchen.  With an approach that is both playful and serious and holds together spontaneity, improvisation and a high level of musical skill and detailed research on sounds, Musica da cucina rides the line between song structure (led by instruments such as guitar, accordion, clarinet) and sound textures (realized with the creative use of kitchen tools/objects such as: kettle, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, cutlery, tin foil and more from flea markets or old dusty attics…).
MdC opened for Amiina (several times), Jackie’o'motherfucker, Fink and played in spot such as Linz 09 (Linz, Austria), Salone del Mobile 2009/2011/2012 (Milano, Italy), Città dell’arte/Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella, Italy), Teatro Eliseo (Roma, Italy), Silencio (Paris, France), B-Side Festival 09 (Luzern, Suisse), Spoleto Fringe festival 2012 (Spoleto, Italy), Frison (Fribourg, Suisse).
In 2011 he has been invited to the 3rd edition of MOMA FOMA festival, in Hobart, Tasmania (Aus), directed by Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) sharing the stage with artists like Philip Glass, Nick Cave, Amanda Palmer, Jon Rose and many more.